Introducing Road Nine Consulting

Introducing Road Nine Consulting

Hi, friends my name is Doug Burton I’m the head coach of VSG marketing and our newly launched Road 9 Consulting.

Yeah, you heard me right, head coach. That title is not by coincidence. I have over the last twenty-five years been heavily influenced by coaches and mentors in my life. It started with my father who was my high school football coach, who spent a lifetime investing in pouring in and giving of self to elevate others and help them be successful.

It transitioned as I went to play college football for the legendary coach, Frosty Westering. I came into a culture that was created by Frosty that used servant leadership as the model of what was all about. There was no “I” in “team.” It was about how you could come in low, be a part of a culture, be a part of something bigger than yourself and as a result of that, I realized I could play at a level that was beyond what I could becasue there was a freedom to operate within that culture.

The birth of road nine consulting really came from those influences in my life. I love coming in and helping organizations do a couple core things. One is helping to shape culture. 

Many times I see organizations that don’t have a “why.” They don’t have a plan. They don’t have strategic marketing plans and aren’t able to communicate those. They don’t have a brand story. So a huge part of Road 9 Consulting is coming alongside organizations and helping them create systems and infrastructure as well as our culture so that those can be carried out from amongst the individuals within that organization.

Another core that we love at Road 9 Consulting is helping individuals and organizations operate in what I call their “superpowers.” Which is really your sweet spot. It’s when you’re in the zone. It’s when an organization aligns the superpowers of their people and puts them in spots where they can be successful and flourish within those.

The more organizations can allow their individuals to operate within those superpowers and fan that in the flames by giving them an opportunity and empowering them to do that, amazing things happen. 

So Road 9 Consulting helps us to:

  1. Identify the superpowers of our people and our organization
  2. Develop a comprehensive game plan and make sure that we have the infrastructure to support that
  3. Coach you along the way to have that measure of accountability and direction from a coach that’s going to help come alongside you and not only encourage you in that but yet help you develop systems and be accountable to follow through with them

So that’s Road 9 Consulting. It really is my passion! I love helping organizations create culture and create systems that allow them to accomplish more things than they ever thought possible.

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